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Manufacturing Partners

Micwil's Manufacturing Partners

We currently act as distributors in Canada for the following manufacturers (this is not a comprehensive list):

3M Corporation (Renaissance Mice, etc.)
A4Tech (Left Handed Wireless Keyboards, etc.)
AbleNet, Inc. (Switches, Mounting Arms, etc.)
ACECAD (Digital writing pad)
Adaptables (Mouse bridge, writing solution)
Adeva (Keyboard platform riser)
Advanced Innovations Inc. (True Arm)
AIData (Document Holders, Phone Supports, Mouse Trays, Flip N Find, etc.)
Useful Products Inc. (Armaid Forearm Self-Massage Device)
Atlas (Book and Copy Holders)
Bakker Elkhuizen Ltd. (Ergo-Q And ErgoTop Laptop Docking Stations)
Balance Systems Inc. (Flextend Gloves, etc.)
Better Hands Glove Products (SofBrace/GripRest, Secure Grip, Thermal Glove)
Bili Inc. (Footime Mouse, Page Turner)
Carliss Industries (In-Stand Laptop Stands, Desks, etc.)
Cirque Corporation (Touchpads, PDA Keyboards, OEM/Industrial input devices)
Contour Design Inc. (Perfit Mice, Roller Bar Mousing Station)
Cozy Products (Radiant Heat Panels, Heated Foot Rests, Heated Anti-Fatigue Foot Mats)
Dain-Elec (Anti-bacterial keyboard)
Datadesk Technologies (Keyboards, Numeric Keypads)
Datalux (SpaceSaver Keyboards)
Dexterity Platforms (Teardrop Mouse Tray)
DS International Inc. (Left Handed Keyboards, Large Keycap Keyboards, Compact Keyboards)
Designer Appliances (Quill / Air02Bic Vertical Mouse)
ErgoDex (DX-1 Input System)
Ergotech Group Inc.
EuroOffice (Trackbar Emotion)
Evoluent (Evoluent VerticalMouse 3, Evoluent VerticalMouse 2, Mouse Friendly Keyboard)
FingerWorks Corporation (TouchStream LP, IGesture NumPad, IGesture Mini, IGesture Pad)
FM Industries (DocuGlide)
Fox Bay Industries (Low Profile Keyboard Trays, Sit / Stand Solutions)
Garner Industries (Raise Its Furniture (Desk, Bed, etc.) Height Risers)
GENIO (Studypod Bookholder)
Genovation (Numeric Keypads, Optical Numeric Keypad / Mouse)
Goldtouch (Keyboards, Numeric Keypads)
The Good Use Company Limited (Microdesk Writing Platform)
Grandee Corporation (Ring Pens, ErgoClick)
Greystone Digital (Big Keys Keyboards)
Gunnar Optiks (Performance Eyewear)
H-Mod (Stealth Switch II Programmable Footswitches)
Headwinds Consumer Products (Raise-Its)
Health by Design (Slant Boards)
Health Postures (Stance Angle Chair)
HELA (Duraflex Keyboard)
Hippus (HandshoeMouse)
Hotwire Development (Laptop stands)
Hoverstop B.V. (Hoverstop Active Ergonomic Mouse)
Humanscale (Switch Mouse, Foot Machines)
Indus Tool (Radiant Heating Products)
Innovative Office Products (LCD Arms, DokuMount, etc.)
Interactive Products Corporation (Laptop Mounts for Vehicles, Mouse Manager Document Station)
IOne (Trackpad Pro, Numeric Keypad with Trackball)
IO Test Inc. (Footcursor Hands-Free Mousing Device)
ITAC (Evolution MouseTrak Trackballs)
Kantek (Monitor Visors, Stand & Privacy Filters)
Kensington (Trackballs, etc.)
Keybowl Incorporated (Orbitouch Keyboard)
KeyOvation (Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard, Numeric Keypad)
Keynamics (eWheelie Laptop Stand, Aviator Ultra-Portable Laptop Stand)
Kinesis Corporation (Freestyle Adjustable Separated Keyboard, Advantage Contoured Programmable Keyboard, Savant Elite Programmable Footswitches)
Laidback We 'R' Inc. (Laptop Tray/Stand)
LapWorks (Laptop Desk 2.0)
Levo (Desk-Mounted Bookholder, Free-Standing Floor Bookholder)
Maltron Keyboards
Matias Products (Folding Keyboard, USB 2.0 Keyboard, Half-QWERTY Keyboard, Half-Keyboard, Section 508 Keyboard, Optimizer Keyboard, etc.)
McCarty's Sacroease (Sacroease Back Supports)
Mousetrapper (Mousetrapper Advance)
Eye Control Technologies Inc. (DBA ) NaturalPoint) (Hands Free I-R Mousing Smart-Nav Systems, TrackIR4 PRO Hands-Free Gaming Systems)
Orthovia (Orthomouse)
Pace Development Corporation (Adjustable Keyboard)
Pen-Z (Vertical Pen Mouse)
Perific (Wireless Dual Mouse)
PI-Engineering (YMouse Adapters, XKeys Products, ViewPort, etc.)
PLUM (PLUM keyboard)
Prestige International (ARMazing arm pads)
Safetype Inc. (Safetype Vertical Keyboard)
Sandio Technology USA (3D Game O2 Mouse)
Smart Motion Technologies (Swingseat Pro Ergonomic Back Support Office Chair, Click-It Trays, etc.)
UC Industries (Gel Palm Rests)
Solidtek (Keyboards)
SOMA (Modular Chair System)
Source One (Mouse Bridges, Writing Surfaces)
Sunflex / Nomus (CopyFlex II, CopyFlex III, ErgoStretch Footrest, etc.)
Tabletote (Portable Laptop Workstation)
Thumbscript (Alternative Keyboard Interface)
Traxsys Esterline (formerly Penny and Giles) (Roller Joystick Plus, etc.)
Advanced Innovations, Inc (True Arm)
TypeMatrix (Linear Matrix Small Footprint and QWERTY-DVORAK switchable Keyboards)
Vu-Ryte (Document Holders, Monitor Risers)
Hotwire Development Limited (XBrand Laptop Stands)
Waawoo Industries (Wow Pen Eco)
WorkComfort (Chair-Mounted Laptop/Worksurface Tray)
WASP (Wrist Arm Support Platform)
Zeomi (Zeomi ZTab Keyboard)

We currently act as resellers in Canada for the following manufacturers:

3DConnexion (Mouse Accessories for 3D Environments)
Allsop (Trays)
Adesso (Keyboards)
Blue Diamond (Cables)
Case Logic (Arm & Palm rests
Cherry (Keyboards, Numeric Keypads)
DAC (Accessories, Foot Rests, etc.)
Datahand (Microswitch Keyboards)
ErgoRest (ForeArm Support Rests)
IOGear (Hubs)
Logitech (Mice, Trackballs, etc.)
Microsoft (Keyboards, Mice)
Plantronics (Telephone Headsets)
Tash (Switches)
CompX / Waterloo (Articulating Arms, Sit/Stand Arms, Monitor Lifts)
Zippy (Luminescent and Small Footprint Keyboards)


Manufacturer Highlights

Micwil's key manufacturing partners produce some of the most advanced ergonomic equipment on the market today, including computer keyboards, mice, footswitches, monitor arms, document holders, and keyboard arms and trays. Below is a short list of the top manufacturers in various niche fields within the ergonomic product industry:

Kinesis Corporation:
Kinesis Corporation Logo

Kinesis produces some of the most specialized keyboards available on the market, ranging from the popular and versatile Kinesis Freestyle Solo Keyboard to the highly efficient Advantage Contoured Keyboard. They also produce high quality footswitches in the Savant Elite series of single, dual, and triple action footswitches. Micwil is the exclusive distributor of these products in Canada.

Evoluent Logo

Evoluent is a high quality well-known manufacturer of the award-winning Evoluent Vertical Mouse and Evoluent Mouse-Friendly Left Handed Compact Keyboard.  Micwil is the exclusive distributor of these products in Canada.

Bakker Elkhuizen:
Bakker Elkhuizen  Logo

Bakker Elkhuizen is the premium manufacturer of the world's most advanced laptop stands, such as the T-340 and the Ergo-Q, all of which have won multiple awards for design and ergonomic value. Micwil is the exclusive distributor of these products in Canada.

Natural Point:
NaturalPoint Logo

Naturalpoint is a unique manufacturer of the most popular hands-free gaming product for flight sim enthusiasts, the TrackIR 5 PRO, and related accessories. Micwil is the exclusive distributor of these products in Canada.

BirdX Inc. logo

Bird-X Inc. was established in Chicago in 1964 and over the past forty-five years, Bird-X has continued to develop unique and effective bird control products and now offers a full arsenal of bird repelling devices and other pest and critter deterrents.  Micwil is the exclusive distributor of these products in Canada.

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