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Standard keys (beige) XK-A-001 Can$6.00 Can$6.00

Goldtouch Numeric Keypad, White, for PC GTC-0033 Can$65.00 Can$65.00

P.I. Engineering X-Keys Wide Blank Stickless Legend Sheets (10-pack), 6 x 6 grid (36 keycaps total) XK-A-1141 Can$11.00 Can$11.00

P.I. Engineering X-Keys Quad Blank Stickless Legend Sheets (10-pack), 6 x 3 grid (18 keycaps total) XK-A-1143 Can$11.00 Can$11.00

Key Blockers, set of 10 XK-A-257 Can$11.00 Can$11.00

X-keys Stick: XK-8 Stick XKS-08-USB-R-SPECIAL Can$142.50 Can$142.50

X-keys XK-24 Programmable Keypad: X-keys XK-24 Programmable Keypad XK-24 Can$192.50 Can$192.50

Penclic Numpad: Penclic Numpad NB2, chiclet style keyswitches, Black, Bluetooth 2053 Can$62.50 Can$62.50

X-keys XK-60 Programmable Keypad: XK-60 Programmable Keypad, USB XK-0979-UBK60 Can$275.00 Can$275.00

P.I. Engineering X-Keys Key Blocker Accessory Kit, set of 10 individual key blockers, Black XK-A-556-R Can$11.00 Can$11.00

10 horizontal keys (beige) XK-A-003 Can$11.00 Can$11.00

10 single keys (beige) XK-A-004 Can$11.00 Can$11.00

P.I. Engineering X-Keys Tall (2x1) Transparent Keycap Accessory Kit, set of 10 Tall keycaps, Clear XK-A-529-R Can$11.00 Can$11.00

P.I. Engineering X-Keys Set of 10 Transparent Single Keycaps, no Legends, 1 x 1 XK-A-548-R Can$16.50 Can$16.50

10 blank legend sheets XK-A-128 Can$11.00 Can$11.00

X-keys Stick: XK-16 Stick XK-0981-UCK16-R Can$142.50 Can$142.50

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