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Freestyle2 Palm Pads Accessory Kit, One Pair, Black AC700PP-BLK Can$15.50 Can$15.50

TrackIR Accessories: NaturalPoint TrackIR Hat Accessory, Black with light grey trim, TrackIR logo, no reflective surface TIRH-BLK Can$14.99 Can$14.99

Gaming Eyewear: Onyx model R6638-C001 Can$120.00 Can$120.00

Side tray CSK-CT1 Can$87.50 Can$87.50

Spikes Special Adhesive: Bird-X Spikes Special Adhesive, for use with Bird Spikes (steel or polycarbonate) SSA Can$15.00 Can$15.00

Gaming Eyewear: Onyx model G002-C001 Can$80.00 Can$80.00

Battery Cables B-0010 Can$27.50 Can$27.50

Gaming Eyewear: Gunnar Glasses, Halogen, Graphite. L6089/2-C012 Can$180.00 Can$180.00

Low Force Tactile Numeric Keypad, Black, for PC AC210USB-BLK Can$77.50 Can$77.50

Solar Panels: Bird-X Large Solar Panel. For use with SBXP-PRO and CritterBlaster PRO, comes with 12 Volt battery cable. SOLPAN2 Can$485.00 Can$485.00

Mounting Clips: Bird-X BirdNet Mounting Clips, plastic. 250 clips MTG-CASE Can$205.00 Can$205.00

Kinesis XL Mouse Pad, 80 cm x 40 cm, Black MP8040 Can$42.50 Can$42.50

Gaming Eyewear: Onyx model ST002-C001 Can$100.00 Can$100.00

Conset CPU Holder Accessory for Conset Bases, Black 400-4B Can$85.00 Can$85.00

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