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Access Controller: Access Controller Desgined by BenHeck ACCESS Can$124.99 Can$124.99

Eureka Swing Chair: Eureka Swing Chair, Fabric Seat and Back, Nylon Base ERK-SME-001 Can$605.00 Can$605.00

Eureka Executive Swing Chair: Eureka Executive Swing Chair, Leather Seat/Back/Headrest, Aluminum Base ERK-SME-002 Can$720.00 Can$720.00

Maxim Palm Pads Accessory Kit: Maxim Palm Pad Accessory Kit, One Pair, Silver AC205PP Can$15.50 Can$15.50

Goldtouch SlimLine Mouse Pad: Goldtouch SlimLine Mouse Pad, Left GT9-0017L Can$32.50 Can$32.50

L-Trac Trackball: Black case, black buttons, black cable, black ball, with scroll wheel. Two extra jacks for 5 button functionality. CST2545-5W-BACK Can$200.00 Can$200.00

Contour Mouse Wireless: Medium, Left, Wireless, Pewter Silver CMO-GM-M-L-WL Can$120.00 Can$120.00

Contour Mouse Wireless: Medium, Right, Wireless, Pewter Silver CMO-GM-M-R-WL Can$120.00 Can$120.00

Contour Mouse Wireless: Large, Right, Wireless, Pewter Silver CMO-GM-L-R-WL Can$120.00 Can$120.00

Contour Mouse Wireless: Small, Right, Wireless, Pewter Silver CMO-GM-S-R-WL Can$120.00 Can$120.00

Unimouse Wireless: Contour Design Unimouse, Right-hand model UNIMOUSE-WL Can$107.50 Can$107.50

Unimouse: Contour Design Unimouse, Right-hand model UNIMOUSE Can$107.50 Can$107.50

Mini Keyboard: SolidTek Mini-Keyboard, embedded numeric keypad, 11.3" wide by 5.5" deep by 1.1" tall, 88 keys, French Canadian QWERTY unilingual layout, white, USB, Keycaps on unit have varying degrees of yellowing, SK595UW-CF-CLEARANCE-SPECIAL Can$30.00 Can$30.00

Freestyle2 Keyboard Cover: Freestyle2 Keyboard Cover, Silicone, Transparent AC807KC Can$30.00 Can$30.00

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