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25 blue refills RPR-BLUx25 Can$47.50 Can$47.50

Lift Kit Accessory for Freestyle Edge, One Pair, Black AC910-BLK Can$35.00 Can$35.00

10 black refills RPR-BLKx10 Can$20.00 Can$20.00

Freestyle Edge Split Gaming Keyboard: Cherry MX Blue Switches KB950-BLU Can$285.00 Can$285.00

5 blue refills RPR-BLUx5 Can$11.25 Can$11.25

BoomChair A44: BoomChair A44, Black and Red BM-44WR-CBK-R Can$199.99 Can$199.99

Low Force Tactile Numeric Keypad, Black, for PC AC210USB-BLK Can$77.50 Can$77.50

25 black refills RPR-BLKx25 Can$47.50 Can$47.50

Freestyle Edge Split Gaming Keyboard: Cherry MX Brown Switches KB950-BRN Can$285.00 Can$285.00

Mounting Clips: Bird-X BirdNet Mounting Clips, plastic. 250 clips MTG-CASE Can$195.00 Can$195.00

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Subtotal Can$1,203.74
Tax (without Shipping/Handling) Can$60.19
Total (without Shipping/Handling) Can$1,263.93
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