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Mini Keyboard: PS/2 model, white, US English layout SK595W Can$30.00 Can$30.00

7500 Deluxe Monitor Arm: 7500 Deluxe Monitor Arm, for monitors 8 to 27 lbs, Silver 7500-1000-124 Can$385.00 Can$385.00

Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse: Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse, Right Hand, Bluetooth (Bluetooth Receiver Dongle included), Silver KOV-GTM-BTD Can$120.00 Can$120.00

Eureka Swing Chair: Eureka Swing Chair, Fabric Seat and Back, Nylon Base ERK-SME-001 Can$605.00 Can$605.00

Compact Financial Keyboard: USB model, black ACK-700UB Can$65.00 Can$65.00

UP Stool: UP Stool, White, Adjusts in Height from 450 - 630 mm 10362476-BACK Can$200.00 Can$200.00

TrackPoint Compact Keyboard: Cordless model, PS/2, white SK573W Can$40.00 Can$40.00

UP Stool: UP Stool, Yellow, Adjusts in Height from 450 - 630 mm 10362473 Can$200.00 Can$200.00

Contour Mouse Wireless: Small, Right, Wireless, Pewter Silver CMO-GM-S-R-WL Can$97.50 Can$97.50

R-Go Compact Keyboard: R-Go Tools R-Go Compact Keyboard, Wired, Black RGOECQYBL Can$65.00 Can$65.00

Freestyle2 Blue Multichannel Bluetooth Keyboard: Freestyle2 Blue Multichannel Bluetooth Keyboard for PC, 20" Separation KB800PB-BT-20 Can$172.50 Can$172.50

Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard: Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard, US English, PC only, USB (includes USB to PS/2 adapter) GTN-0099 Can$135.00 Can$135.00

Bluetooth Receiver Dongle (Replacement for KOV-GTM-BTD, for non-Bluetooth equipped computers) KOV-GTM-D Can$35.00 Can$35.00

7500 Deluxe Monitor Arm: 7500 Deluxe Monitor Arm with hydro cylinder, for monitors 14 to 31 lbs, Pearl White 7500-1000HY-105-SPECIAL Can$410.00 Can$410.00

DXT Ergonomic Mouse 2 Wired: DXT Ergonomic Mouse 2 Wired, USB PD7DXT Can$115.00 Can$115.00

Cleankeys CK4 Wireless Capacitive Desktop Glass Keyboard: Cleankeys CK4 Wireless Keyboard KR24231 Can$545.00 Can$545.00

Savant Elite2 Triple Action Foot Pedal: Savant Elite2 Triple Action Foot Pedal with extra input jack FP30AJ Can$270.00 Can$270.00

R-Go Split Ergonomic Keyboard: R-Go Tools Split Ergonomic Keyboard, Wired, Black RGOSP-USWIBL Can$132.50 Can$132.50

TrackPoint Compact Keyboard: Corded model, PS/2, black SK5010B Can$50.00 Can$50.00

Mini Keyboard: PS/2 model, silver, US English layout SK595-SIL Can$30.00 Can$30.00

EVERY 172E Series Task Chair: EVERY 172E Task Chair, Red Lucia 58 Fabric Seat, Polished Aluminum Base 10362394 Can$495.00 Can$495.00

Savant Elite2 Dual Action Foot Pedal: Savant Elite2 Dual Action Foot Pedal with Input Jack FP20AJ Can$230.00 Can$230.00

Hero 172H Series Task Chair: Hero 172H, Black Mesh Back, Black Seat 10362383 Can$1,125.00 Can$1,125.00

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