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Libra-90 Large Button Trackball: Libra-90 Large Button Trackball, PS/2 with USB adapter, Translucent LIBRA-90i Can$20.00 Can$20.00

Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Wireless: Right-Handed, Wireless, Black Housing with Chrome Accents, Dark Metallic Blue Buttons, USB VM4RW-ECWEB Can$142.50 Can$142.50

Polycarbonate SPIKES Needle Strips: Bird-X PolyCarbonate Roost Inhibitor Spikes, 25 feet, Narrow 2.5" Wide (per box) SP-25-N Can$97.50 Can$97.50

Evoluent VerticalMouse 4: Right hand, Corded, Small, Purple Buttons, Black Housing VM4S-ECWEB Can$120.00 Can$120.00

Trackbar Emotion: Trackbar Emotion TBE Can$80.00 Can$80.00

Super BirdXPeller PRO: Targets woodpeckers specifically with more woodpecker and sapsucker sounds SBXP-PRO-WP Can$905.00 Can$905.00

Mousetrapper Advance: Mousetrapper Advance Plus, USB, Polyethylene covered Palm Supports SMT417 Can$255.00 Can$255.00

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Subtotal Can$1,620.00
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Total (without Shipping/Handling) Can$1,701.00
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