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Ergo Pro Low Force Keyboard: Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard for Mac FK403R Can$250.00 Can$250.00

L-Trac Trackball: Black case, black buttons, black cable, black ball, no scroll wheel. CST2545 Can$185.00 Can$185.00

Mini Quiet Pro: Mini Quiet Pro, Black, USB, PC only, English Layout FK303QPC Can$140.00 Can$140.00

SAIPH Foot Brace Rail, Black Sides with Silver Bar, 22.75" W x 13.25" D x 3.75" H SFBR Can$40.00 Can$40.00

Prowler Owl: Bird-X Prowler Owl Visual Bird Scare Device PO Can$50.00 Can$50.00

Tactile Pro Keyboard: Tactile Pro Keyboard for Mac, White Housing FK302 Can$160.00 Can$160.00

Gaming Eyewear: Graphite model ST002-C012 Can$100.00 Can$100.00

3D Fox Decoy: Bird-X 3 Dimensional Fox Decoy 3D-FOX-BACK Can$67.50 Can$67.50

GooseBuster PRO Single Speaker System: GooseBuster PRO Single Speaker System GB-1 Can$460.00 Can$460.00

Evoluent Replacement USB Receiver for Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Wireless for Serial Numbers under XX1506XXXX VM4RR-ECWEB Can$45.00 Can$45.00

AudioFX Force Feedback Gaming Headset: AudioFX Force Feedback Gaming Headset by eDimensional AUDIOFX Can$39.99 Can$39.99

Gaming Eyewear: Onyx model L6089/2-C001 Can$180.00 Can$180.00

Gaming Eyewear: Ash model R6638-C005 Can$120.00 Can$120.00

Transonic Mole: Bird-X Transonic Mole and Gopher Chaser, includes solar panel, internal rechargable battery, vibrator, speaker, and strobe light TX-MOLE Can$52.50 Can$52.50

RBT Rebel Real Mouse 1.112: Quadraclicks Gaming RBT Rebel Real Mouse RRR1112 Can$114.99 Can$114.99

Gaming Eyewear: Onyx model ST002-C001 Can$100.00 Can$100.00

Contour Mouse Wireless: Large, Left, Wireless, Pewter Silver CMO-GM-L-L-WL Can$97.50 Can$97.50

Gaming Eyewear: Onyx model R6638-C001 Can$120.00 Can$120.00

Gaming Eyewear: Gunnar Glasses, Halogen, Graphite. L6089/2-C012 Can$180.00 Can$180.00

RailDriver: RD-91-MDT-R RailDriver Can$299.00 Can$299.00

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