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Cozy FootWarmer: 16" x 36" model SFW Can$102.50 Can$102.50

Dexterity Platforms Teardrop Mouse Tray: Teardrop Mouse Tray with Wrist Rest DP126A-BACK Can$85.00 Can$85.00

Cozy Legs Premium Chrome Stand CLS Can$19.50 Can$19.50

Extra-Deep ABS Plastic Low Profile Tray: 30" wide x 13" deep FB-T30x13 Can$107.50 Can$107.50

Drill-Free Attachable Articulating Arm and Tray: Drill-Free Attachable Articulating Arm and Tray SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. NO 30 DAY CSG AKT65LE-SPECIAL Can$310.00 Can$310.00

ABS Plastic Low Profile Tray: 24" wide x 11" deep FB-T24x11 Can$85.00 Can$85.00

Phenolic Extra-Deep Low Profile Tray: 27” Wide Model FB-PT27x13 Can$125.00 Can$125.00

ABS Plastic Low Profile Tray: 18" wide x 11" deep FB-T18x11 Can$80.00 Can$80.00

Low Profile Tray for Mouse Intensive Users: Left model FB-PT30x15L Can$175.00 Can$175.00

Posturite Blotting Paper Accessory for 1001 1001-ACC-LARGE Can$4.00 Can$4.00

Posturite Book Ledger Accessory 1031 Can$55.00 Can$55.00

Posturite Dual Purpose Book Holder Accessory 1021 Can$55.00 Can$55.00

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Tax (without Shipping/Handling) Can$60.18
Total (without Shipping/Handling) Can$1,263.68
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