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Goosebuster: Goosebuster GB-110 Can$1,340.00 Can$1,340.00

Super BirdXPeller PRO: Repels pigeons, sparrows, starlings and gulls SBXP-PRO-1 Can$825.00 Can$825.00

BroadBand PRO: 110v Model with VIS-PAK BB-PRO-110 Can$920.00 Can$920.00

BirdXPeller PRO: Targets woodpeckers specifically with more woodpecker and sapsucker sounds BXP-PRO-WP Can$295.00 Can$295.00

Polycarbonate SPIKES Needle Strips: Bird-X PolyCarbonate Roost Inhibitor Spikes, 10 feet, Standard 4.5" Wide, Black (per box) Subject to availability SP-B-10 Can$60.00 Can$60.00

BirdNet PE Plus: Bird-X BirdNet PE-Plus Bird Exclusion Netting Roost Inhibitor, premium grade 0.75" mesh knotted polyethylene, 50 feet by 50 feet NET-PE-50-50-BACK Can$1,120.00 Can$1,120.00

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Total (without Shipping/Handling) Can$4,788.00
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