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Freestyle2 V3 Accessory Kit, Black AC730-BLK Can$32.50 Can$32.50

Freestyle2 Palm Support Accessory Kit: Freestyle2 Palm Support Accessory Kit, One Pair, Black AC806PS-BLK Can$34.00 Can$34.00

Replacement pivot tether for Freestyle2, black AC803PT-BLK Can$16.00 Can$16.00

Freestyle2 Ascent Accessory Kit: Ascent Accessory Kit with Linking Plate AC740-BLK Can$290.00 Can$290.00

RollerMouse Pro3: RollerMouse Pro3, USB, Black RM-PRO3 Can$255.00 Can$255.00

Balcony Gard LF: Balcony Gard LF BG-LF Can$55.00 Can$55.00

BirdXPeller PRO: Repels pigeons, sparrows, starlings and gulls BXP-PRO-1 Can$295.00 Can$295.00

Super BirdXPeller PRO: Targets woodpeckers specifically with more woodpecker and sapsucker sounds SBXP-PRO-WP Can$875.00 Can$875.00

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