Specialty Products Distributor

Micwil is a specialty products distributor and representative for manufacturers seeking to provide ready access to their products while improving the visibility of their brand in the Canadian marketplace.


You may know Micwil through...

ErgoCanada Website

Micwil Manufacturing Partners

Web Site Portals

Ergonomics - ErgoCanada.com
Bird Control - BirdxCanada.com
Gaming Hardware - ExtremeGamingDevices.com

Manufacturer Specific Web Sites
ErgoRest - ErgoRestCanada.com
Evoluent - EvoluentCanada.com
Hippus - HandshoeMouseCanada.com
Mousetrapper - MouseTrapperCanada.com
Posturite - PenguinMouse.com
Garner Industries - RaiseItsCanada.com

Reseller Inquiries

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