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Picture of Michael Craggs Hello, my name is Michael Craggs and I am the owner of Micwil Computer Consulting. I have been involved in the computer industry for over a decade, and have a wide range of experience to draw upon. Feel free to review my curriculum vitae at your leisure.

Micwil Computer Consulting was formed in the spring of 1993, and registered as a sole proprietorship in the province of Saskatchewan. Prior to that I was a sub-contractor for other companies in the computer industry. My personal experience with computers extends over several years in various capacities. Even though Micwil offers a wide range of services from customized software solutions to general troubleshooting, I find educating clients particulary rewarding. Whether it is helping a client to determine what the ideal hardware solution is for their needs or helping out with a troublesome application, empowering clients is my chief goal. If you would like to find out more about me, check out my personal home page.

Although I usually am able to meet all the needs of my clients, in some cases specialized knowledge or skills are required. When needed, Micwil has an experienced group of sub-contractors to draw upon to meet the varied needs of our clients. We have several people on call so that your service is not compromised if our regular staff is experiencing an unexpected workload.

We hope that this page has been informative and will assist you in your interactions with our staff.

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Micwil Computer Consulting
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